04 September 2009

An apology

I do have to apologize for my last post, I should never have written it and it is now eliminated from this blog

04 July 2009

Part one

Since I am moving and will stop caring about the State of Wisconsin here is part one of my last posts.

Those who call people who disagree with Obama or any left leaning person/group idiots,bigots, etc:
FUCK YOU. Everyone has there own opinion, I tolerate your view so tolerate mine. If I believe Obama is a bad choice for POTUS it is based on his LIMITED record and NOT his skin color.
Gov Diamond Jim Doyle and the rest of the tax and spend crowd in Madison(EVERYONE) should immediately have all the assets they have be confiscated. So they can really "feel the pain" they are inflicting on the hard working people.
To Eugene Kane and the local media:
You are the bigots, hate mongering, close minded people you so rally against. The venom you spew on a regular basis against people that disagree with you is truly amazing. Yet you really do not see it. At least I admit when I am called out on being closed minded. I do not judge a person on skin color, I base my opinion on actions and words.
The local media claiming the are Milwaukee's News leaders or whatever, you DO NOT COVER ALL OF MILWAUKEE!! On a regular basis I see more stories from I-94 north to Port Washington, from the lake to Okachee. Rarely do I hear anything about anything from I-94 south to the county line and from the lake west to the Waukesha county line. And don't give me the BULLSHIT excuse that nothing happens, It happens on this side of town also.

03 July 2009

Counting Down

As some of you know we are moving. Well we are in the final days of living in Wisconsin. And I have some parting shots ready to come real soon.

06 June 2009

Another Biker

I copied this from Double GDI

Don't tell me about the motorcycle you saw...
I do ride in the rain. I wear rain gear. My tires are sticker than your car tires. I drive slower.
I wear my seat belt when I'm in the car. (Do you?)

I do not squeeze in between cars on the highway. I do not hide in your blind spot. I do not pass on the right. I do not travel with excessive speed.

I do not talk on my cell phone. I do not read the news paper. I do not shave while driving. I do not floss while driving. I do not ride distracted.

I do not drive under any influences other than pure adrenaline.

Riding makes me happy.

I do have reflectors on the back of my bags. I do wear reflective clothing.

I do the speed limit (+/- 10mph)
I do use my turn signal.
I do use hand signals in emergency situations.
I do wear my helmet.
I do leave distance between me and other vehicles on the road.

Why would I drive the car when only I need to go somewhere? Why waste the wear and tear on my car if I don't need to. Why not enjoy myself on my travels?

Why must you tell me about that motorcycle you saw doing 120+ mph on the highway the other day?
Why must you tell me about that rider that died last weekend?
Why must you tell me about that guy you saw in shorts and flip flops?
Why must you tell me it is dangerous to ride to work/home in the rain?
Why must you tell me about your brother in-law that goes bar to bar?
Why must you tell me I'm crazy?
Why must you tell me I'm Evil Knievel?

Why can't I just be a guy on a bike?

04 June 2009

Rude People

There is very little consideration lately of other people. My time is not less important than your time, just because I am the seller or not in your inner circle it does not make me less important.
Case in point, I received a call from my realitor Tuesday afternoon to show the house on Wednesday at 11am to 12pm. No problem, we were able to straighten up and get the house in showing condition. Well 11am Wednesday came and I was ready to let the potential buyer and agent in as I waited an hour no body showed. At 12:05pm I called my realitor and he informed me that they called him not 5 minites before I called him to cancel. The other party NEW before the appointment that they were not going to show.
My simple rule of thumbs are:
1. Be on time
2. If you are going to be late ... call the person you are to meet to inform them
3. If you need to cancel the appointment or meeting ... call the person BEFORE the time.

02 June 2009

Bike Q and A

Over view of conversations I have had when people find out I ride a motorcycle:

Q. What kind of Harley do you have?
A. I don't have a Harley.
(either the conversation ends or the following)
Q. What kind of bike?
A. Yamaha FJR
Q. So you have a crotch rocket then?
A. No it is a sport touring bike
Q. Why didn't you get a Harley?
A. Several reasons. I did not want one, can't afford one and this bike came with what I wanted

This usually degenerates into the buy American area or the old American bikes are better quality B.S. to which I answer 1- Harley's are too expensive and 2- I have seen and heard more issues with H.D. products than I have heard about with my Yamaha 3- Look at where all the H.D. gear is made(hint it aint in the USA).

Dang it

I may of written too soon on the Two Wheel Tuesday thing. It looks like it is going to rain.

Tuesday June 2nd

Waiting for the event called Two Wheel Tuesday held at Culver's on N 124th St. Hopefully there will be a lot of motorcycle enthusiasts there.

21 May 2009

Motorcycle Awareness and foolishness

I heard this morning that there have been 17 motorcycle deaths so far this year. From listening to the on air report and seeing it online at Motorcycle Deaths Rising In Wisconsin I have a few issues I have with the article.
1. The guy from ABATE is supposed to represent the motorcyclists and promote safety. This guy is not wearing a helmet, Which protects the head in case of a crash.
2. Yes when the weather gets warm the more motorcycles come out that's a given.
3. The one liner at the end "The Department of Transportation said almost half of fatal motorcycle crashes involve alcohol" leaves me scratching my head. Leaves me wondering was the motorcyclist drunk or was it someone else?
4. The ABATE guy is quoted as saying "Slower lane deviation, I see cars too, they change lanes very quickly and if a biker is there, there's bound to be a crash,". So when I go to change lanes after I look to see if its clear I can take my sweet time getting over?

The bottom line is all drivers NEED to watch out for other cars,trucks,motorcycles,scooters and anything or anybody on or near the roadways.

19 May 2009

My First Attempt at a video

If any one reads this blog let me know how I did.

18 May 2009

More motorcycle news

When are stories like this are going to stop? No one in the law enforcement or law making sectors are saying anything but they focus on seat belts or a private business allowing smoking. My goodness these stories are examples of what happens when you hand out drivers licenses to people that should never be behind the wheel.

Motorcyclist Injured In I-94 Crash

Motorcyclist Killed In Chain Reaction Crash

12 May 2009

Pay attention

Here is a story from Illinois that saddens everyone nail polish killer.

To sum it up, this woman is driving and applying nail polish and not paying attention to the road runs a red light and slams into a motorcyclist who is proceeding legally and kills the motorcyclist. So far she has not been charged in the death but has been ticketed with "failure to reduce speed to avoid an accident" and further charges are pending.

Idiots like this woman who decide to drive with little disregard to others should be banned from having a vehicle and licenses. If a death occurs the perp should serve a minimum term of life.

11 May 2009

Bad couple of days

From Sunday morning until a short time ago I have been in a dark mood. So I have shied away from posting.

10 May 2009

Happy Mothers Day

Happy Mothers day to all the moms out there.

09 May 2009

Motorcycle Awareness

Note to the media we make Harley's here but not all motorcycle riders ride them. Some of us ride other brands(gasp).

so my message is watch out for ALL motorcycles and not just Harleys.

08 May 2009

Give Me A Break/Anti "Idol"

What is the fascination with American Idol and Danny Gokey? American Idol is nothing but a singing contest and Mr. Gokey is a contestant. But the coverage and talk on the news around here makes Mr. Gokey sound like the third coming of the lord(after Obama).
Both are not that important to trump everything else that is happining. The media needs to refocus on what really matters.

29 April 2009


It has been a pleasant surprise so far. When I have been on the motorcycle I have been treated well by other drivers. No one riding too close, cutting me off or other issues.

28 April 2009


4 deaths so far from adults sleeping in the same bed as their infants. People need to realize that this is a very bad idea. If you want to have your baby near you at night get a crib or playpen for the child.

24 April 2009

Afraid are they?

Headline from WISN reads: State Democrats Oppose Walker's Motorcycle Tour

To sum it up the Democrats think that Scott Walker is using public money to go on a ride and use this as a campaign tool for his gubernatorial bid. And they claim he can nit be trusted to keep his campaign for Governor and the promotion of the Milwaukee area.
To quote from the article "We all know that Walker is set to launch his campaign next Tuesday, and this is nothing more than a thinly-veiled campaign tour designed to get Walker media exposure in markets around the state," said Jason Stephany of the Democratic Party of Wisconsin.
That could be further from the truth. Mr. Walker has been doing this ride around the state for several years to promote the Milwaukee area without using it a campaigning tool for himself.
The Democrats need to take the eyes off of Governor "Diamond" Jim Doyle's sagging approval ratings, proposed tax hikes, fund raids, semi-scandals, and lies in order to keep the power they have gotten.

Friday Ride

I put another 105 miles on the bike today and it only took 3 hours. I cut it short time wise because of the wind.

20 April 2009


After a long debate we had to put our 17 year old cat down. She will be missed but will be in my heart for a long time

16 April 2009

Feels Good

Feels so darn good outside. I was able to put 110 miles on the cycle yesterday.

11 April 2009

Laugh of the year

Big stuffed gorilla goes flying

Apr. 11, 2009 3:25 p.m. | Duluth, Minn. — John Bray is looking for the person who lost a massive gorilla on Blatnik Bridge in Duluth.

Bray says he was driving across the bridge Thursday afternoon when a huge stuffed brown stuffed animal flew off the truck in front of him. Bray says it flew up 50 feet and came down in the middle of the road.

He says he pulled over and traffic stopped. He then shoved it into the back of his sports utility vehicle and brought it to his office. He’s a spokesman for the Minnesota Department of Transportation.

Bray says it was a funny incident but someone could have been seriously hurt. He says the driver is required by law to have a load tied down, but he or she won’t get a ticket.

He says the driver could be a Wisconsin resident because the truck was coming from there.

05 April 2009

Saturday Afternoon Drive

Well I got out on the motorcycle Saturday. I drove to Mukwanago to Eagle and back for a total of 65 miles. I now feel better mentally.

04 April 2009

Still silence

This came out after the announcement of the CEO's pay raise and other "compensation increases". Where is the outrage,the hand wringing, the call for caps on CEO pay????

Posted: Apr. 2, 2009

Most employees at all Journal Communications divisions will take a 6% pay cut for the remainder of the year and in return will get 10 additional personal days off under a plan announced Thursday by Steven J. Smith, the company's chairman of the board and CEO.

In a letter sent to employees, Smith said the pay reduction and time off are a reflection of weak advertising spending.

"There is a high probability that this environment will continue for at least the balance of 2009," Smith said. "As we manage for the long-term success of the company, we must identify constructive ways to continue to reduce costs."

The pay cuts and time off affect executives, managers, market managers, supervisors, as well as corporate staff. The company is also asking on-air broadcast talent and most union employees to negotiate payroll reductions.

The program will be implemented at Journal Communications, Journal Broadcast Group, Journal Sentinel and Journal Community Publishing Group.

This week, the company also offered a voluntary separation agreement to newsroom employees represented by Newspaper Guild Local 51. The company has told the Guild that it needs to cut $1.2 million in annual payroll.

31 March 2009


This love affair with roundabouts is getting out of hand. Now they want to place a whole bunch on south 27th street at some very interesting locations. The one that gets me is Sycamore Street which is the entrance and exit for Wal-mart and Sam's Club. Right now its bad enough to get in and out of those lots, the roundabout would make things worse (in my opinion).

27 March 2009

Real Boredom

It is starting to really suck to be off all this time. I'm running out of ideas to keep myself occupied (besides packing).

25 March 2009


I do not feel sorry for those who live adjacent to any body of water that is prone to flooding. Sure the view from your back door is nice most of the time, but there is the high risk you took when you bought the property that you would be flooded out at least once or twice a year. BTW you should not whine about the high premium for flood insurance or expect the government to bail you out every time your property gets damaged from the floods.
My solution to these people is:
  • the first claim is paid so you can rebuild
  • The second claim the State or the Federal government now owns the property
This would save the taxpayers and insurance companies money, create a buffer zone around the river/creek or lake. By creating the buffer zone it would help in cleaning up the pollution that plagues the area water bodies.

24 March 2009


Just bought some legal tobacco, the price doubled due to the state wanting more $$$$. It was $21 for 2 pounds and now it is $44. I can't wait to leave this tax hell known as Wisconsin.

20 March 2009

Media CEO pay

Where is the outrage from the media on this exec?

Mar. 19, 2009 | Total compensation increased almost 22% last year for Journal Communications Inc. chairman and chief executive Steven J. Smith, according to a regulatory filing by the company Thursday.

Smith earned no bonus, but his salary rose 3.7% to $798,077. He received stock awards worth $1,672 and option awards valued at $397,003, a proxy statement for the Milwaukee-based media company and publisher of the Journal Sentinel said. The biggest change in compensation was in the value of Smith's retirement benefits, which grew to $233,110, compared with $74,782 in 2007. He received other compensation last year worth $16,095.

Journal Communications posted a $224.4 million loss in 2008, largely due to $228.7 million in non-cash charges in the fourth quarter as the company wrote down the value of goodwill and some of its television and radio licenses. The company's newspaper, radio and TV operations also saw declines in revenue because of the recession and the ongoing migration of ads to the Internet. Its stock price fell 72.6% during 2008.

With all the talk from the editorial board and from the other media outlets about capping CEO pay at 500k they are letting this slide. Why? Oh thats right its one of there own.

17 March 2009

Tired and Sore

Me and the better half were in Arkansas from Wednesday until Monday helping my pops do clean up from the ice storm that hit back in late January.

09 March 2009

What I need

This little poem by Keats sums up what I am feeling right now.

O soft embalmer of the still midnight!
Shutting, with careful fingers and benign,
Our gloom-pleased eyes, embowered from the light,
Enshaded in forgetfulness divine;
O soothest Sleep! if so it please thee, close,
In midst of this thine hymn, my willing eyes,
Or wait the amen, ere thy poppy throws
Around my bed its lulling charities;
Then save me, or the passed day will shine
Upon my pillow, breeding many woes;
Save me from curious conscience, that still lords
Its strength, for darkness burrowing like a mole;
Turn the key deftly in the oiled wards,
And seal the hushed casket of my soul.

Question for Catholics

Can anyone explain to me that "Fat Tuesday" is the big party then from Ash Wednesday to Easter is lent and you all are supposed to abstain during, but in between is St. Patty's day which is nothing but a big drinking day?